- Windows 7 Pro 64bits | Kodi 17.6 Krypton avec Aeon Miro Nox | Intel Core i7 CPU 870 2,93GHz | AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series - RPi3 | LibreElec 9.0.1 | Kodi 18.1 Leia avec Aeon Nox SiLVO. roura97311 Hero Member; Messages: 1618; Nous a rejoint le : Juin 12, 2015; Connecté ; Designer MPDb.tv; Re : MOD Aeon-Miro-Nox pour Krypton Répondre #121 – 04 Août 2017 19:10:21. Je vais voir en effet

8. Aeon Nox. Aeon Nox displays the option in a different way like scrolling from right to left which includes Movies, Music, Setting, etc. Aeon Nox comes up with the view of movies and TV shows in posters. It displays the information about each of the files in the library. It’s the best Kodi skins and the first one being launched. 9. Confluence 11/05/2020 09/11/2017 Download Krypton Aeon Nox: Silvo Kodi 17 18/12/14, 1 source - A very large skin by SiLVO (Skins)

This Add On is for Kodi (Gotham and above.right through to Krypton in 2017) - with a User quinndexter made some files for Aeon Nox Silvo - available here 

Aeon Nox 5: SiLVO (Leia, Krypton, Jarvis, Isengard, Helix) Rossi D Kodi guru. Příspěvků: 7 124 Témat: 196 Registrován od: 01/2016 Hodnocení: 371 #401. 15.1.2020, 18:36 . Pokud by se někdy někomu hodilo mé "letité" nastavení RSS - pouze s iDnes This page is a community maintained skin compatibility list. It to allows users and skinners to compare skin features and version compatibility. Škoda ze aeon nox silvo necentruje widgety na stred. Mam na jednom mieste takisto 3 ako ty a je to posunuté.Nevedel by to niekto upraviť? Jsem uživatel používající Mi 9 SE , který neumí číst pravidla o nepoužívání podpisu z Tapatalku. Download Aeon Nox: SiLVO 19/1/27, 145 sources - Created by BigNoid, Modded by SiLVO (Skins)

11/05/2020 · How to Install Silvo Build on Kodi. The build is installed through the MultiBuild Wizard. As I write this guide, MultiBuild Wizard hosts one Leia Build called Leia Silvo and two Krypton builds namely Krypton Silvo and MetropolisMulti Build. I have divided the installation of the Silvo build into different parts to make it easy for you to

09/11/2017 Download Krypton Aeon Nox: Silvo Kodi 17 18/12/14, 1 source - A very large skin by SiLVO (Skins)